4 Ways Portable Inline Testing Equipment Makes a Safety Valve Technician’s Job Easier

There are a few reasons you should care about making your safety valve technicians’ jobs easier. First being that the easier it is to test valves, the less time they spend testing each valve. The less time spent testing each valve, the more valves they can test, and the more money you can make. Less time per valve test also means that you’re spending less on wages and overtime, again, saving you money. So, there’s the “why,” and here’s the “how”: four ways portable inline testing equipment makes a valve technician’s job easier.


A high-quality inline safety valve testing system is conveniently portable. It should be easy to carry from one job to the next, and your techs shouldn’t have to wrangle with a number of pieces of equipment or bags inside the cramped spaces of a manufacturing facility. In-line testing equipment like AccuTEST has moved beyond the older, manual hydraulic lift technology, choosing an electric motor instead. This shift means that the equipment itself is considerably more manageable, and can be carried around by just one tech in a backpack or a briefcase-sized container.

One-Hand Use

Older inline testing equipment wasn’t just hard to lug around, it was hard to operate, too. Portable inline testing equipment eliminates the need for multiple technicians to place and lock the load rig in place. AccuTEST’s system, in particular, was designed to be operated with just one safety valve technician. Our innovative design makes it easy for one tech to lift and steady the load rig with one hand, and lock in place with the other. When you opt for portable inline testing equipment, you’re not only making your safety valve technician’s job easier, you’re boosting your company’s efficiency by sending just one technician to each job, rather than two or three.

Service and Support

AccuTest’s inline testing equipment has integrated internet access, which allows for quicker and easier software updates, as well as remote support. You can get technical support from our skilled engineers, anytime and anywhere; simply connect your testing equipment to the internet, and give our service professionals a call. With our annual support service, our technicians will be able to remotely troubleshoot your problem, no matter where your safety valve technician is. Plus, you can share your data with us to help us do ongoing product enhancement, which will only improve our products, support, and service.

Accurate Results

Inline testing equipment reduces the opportunity for human error to occur during the testing process, which increases valve testing accuracy. An inline testing system can identify problems quickly, calculate, and measure set pressure within 0.5% accuracy. Additionally, inline systems can self-calibrate, automatically detecting, fault checking, and zeroing the sensors before testing.

AccuTEST’s portable inline testing equipment encompasses all of the features your technicians will love. With easy portability and exceptional automated technology, AccuTEST Systems offers the best portable inline testing equipment on the market.

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