The AccuTEST-TT is our Premium Model.

The TT offers all the great features of the SL and adds additional sensor capability, detection methods, and advanced software features. And as the name implies, the Premium model includes a lot of nice touches such as a low weight titanium load frame, full-day battery operation, autoload cell ID, Toughbook, a rugged padded travel case for shipping to job sites. The AccuTEST-TT is suitable for shop or in-plant operation and handles all valve testing conditions you encounter.

  • Additional sensor capabilities
  • Advanced software features
Person holding case with AccuTEST-TT Premium Model

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AccuTEST service technician carrying equipment

In-Line Testing

In-line testing of safety valves is a growing trend. It presents a cost-effective maintenance alternative for plant operators and a growth opportunity for valve service companies.

Man working on double monitors with advances AccuTEST software

Advanced Software

AccuTEST Systems utilize the most advanced software in the industry, making everything about your valve testing process easier – setup, operations, results, and reports.

AccuTEST device on desktop expert results

Accurate Results

Our high level of accuracy is achieved through our calibration process – automatically detect, fault check, and zero the sensors before operation.

Service & Support

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