Revolutionizing Safety Valve Testing

Precision and Control in Safety Valve Testing

At AccuTEST Systems, we are proud to present our cutting-edge solution for pressure relief valve testing – the AccuTEST System. Engineered with precision and performance in mind, this revolutionary equipment replaces outdated hydraulics with an electric motor system, offering unmatched control over load application. Say goodbye to the bulk, mess and inaccuracies commonly associated with hydraulic systems, and embrace a new era of precise and efficient valve testing.

Available in Two Models

With our customers in mind, we offer two AccuTEST models to satisfy different operational requirements and price points.

Discover the Power of AccuTEST


Precision and Accuracy, Redefined

With our electric motor system, you gain precise control over load application, ensuring that your test results are consistently accurate. What sets this automated system apart is its ability to produce not only precise but also repeatable results, free from the influence of human judgement. This significantly reduces the total number of tests required to document a valve’s operation. In a world where the performance of every valve is of utmost importance, you can be confident in the results from the AccuTEST System.

Single-Technician Portability

AccuTEST’s innovative design significantly reduces size, weight, and bulk to the point that a single technician can effortlessly carry it. Experience the freedom of easy maneuverability within tight plant spaces, boosting productivity while minimizing the physical strain on your technicians.

AccuTEST service technician carrying equipment

Precision and Cleanliness

The AccuTEST System’s compact and organized design simplifies your testing process while elevating the accuracy of your results. Unlike hydraulic systems, our high-precision electric motor technology ensures superior control and precision, setting a new standard for precise valve testing and eliminating the inaccuracies associated with hydraulic alternatives. Say goodbye to the mess and imprecisions of hydraulics and embrace the AccuTEST System for unparalleled testing accuracy.

Titanium Strength and Reliability

The AccuTEST TT’s main components are crafted from titanium, enhancing strength without adding weight. Rely on the durability of titanium for consistent, long-lasting performance.


User-Friendly Mounting

In-line testing of valves has never been easier. 

Our innovative clamping iris plate allows one person to easily mount and secure the load rig on the valve. No need for two pairs of hands anymore. Experience a more efficient testing setup that saves you time and effort.

Convenient Transportation

Efficiency extends beyond testing – pack the entire AccuTEST System in one carrying case with fitted foam pockets. Not only will you protect your equipment, but you’ll also save on shipping costs, making the AccuTEST System a cost-effective choice.

AccuTEST service technician carrying equipment

Efficiency in Testing With Reduced Personnel

Empower your technicians with an AccuTEST System. In most cases, one skilled valve technician is all you need to carry out the testing process. Reduce your reliance on additional personnel, enhance productivity, and streamline your operations.

Seamless Troubleshooting

Stay connected with our internet connectivity feature for software updates, troubleshooting, and remote support. Get timely assistance, even in the field, and minimize downtime.

Unleash the Full Potential of Your Valve Testing.

For inquiries, quotes, or more information, our dedicated team is ready to assist you. Experience valve testing like never before with the AccuTEST In-Line Safety Relief Valve Test Device.

Feature Comparison

Automatic Test ControlAutomatic Test Control
Automatic Results CalculationAutomatic Results Calculation
Report GeneratorReport Generator
Manual Load Cell VerificationAutomatic Load Cell Verification
 Lift and Hold Mode for Leak Check
Steel Load Rig with Iris Clamp PlateTitanium Load Rig with Iris Clamp Plate
Electric Motor for Lifting ForceElectric Motor for Lifting Force
1 Spindle Adaptor Set2 Spindle Adaptor Sets
High Temp Rugged Cable HarnessHigh Temp Rugged Cable Harness
AC Powered Electronics CaseBattery and AC Powered Electronics Case
 Remote Control Dongle for Lift and Lower

Load Cells Size Options for Maximum
Test Accuracy (300 lb, 1K, 5K, 10K options)

Load Cells Size Options for Maximum
Test Accuracy (300 lb, 1K, 5K, 10K options)
 Acoustic Sensor for End of Test Trigger
 Pressure Transducer for Line Pressure Measurement
 Backpack Computer Case
 Equipment Travel Case

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