How Portable Relief Valve Testing Systems Boost Efficiency

Valve service and testing companies are always looking for ways to complete their jobs more accurately and more efficiently. The faster your technicians are able to complete valve testing, the more jobs they can fit in a workday, which means greater profits and returns for your company as a whole. One great way to boost the efficiency of your valve testing company is to invest in inline, portable relief valve testing systems. Here are just a few of the ways inline testing can make your technician’s work easier, more accurate, and more efficient:

Reduced Size and Bulk

Today’s portable relief valve testing systems have come a long way. In the past, an inline portable relief valve testing system was the size of a checked bag at the airport. Not only that, it weighed just about as much, if not more. Older portable relief valve testing systems made use of hydraulic systems with hand pumps to test the set point of valves. That meant heavy hydraulic hoses full of messy fluid, which your technicians had to lug around to every single valve they needed to test.

Today’s portable relief valve testing systems have come a long way in reducing size and bulk, and new compact systems help your technicians complete their work with minimal hassle. Implementing electric motors in place of hydraulic systems significantly reduced the size and bulk of the AccuTEST system to that of a laptop, which fits easily in a single backpack. This reduced weight and footprint of the testing system offer your technicians increased maneuverability, making it faster for them to haul testing equipment to every valve in a facility.

Newer Electronics off the Shelf

New, updated electronics are not only smaller, but they’re also faster and more accurate. Technology has advanced — your portable relief valve testing systems should, too. With new, off-the-shelf electronics, portable relief valve testing equipment like the AccuTEST system offers efficient features like our One-Touch testing.

Once the equipment is set up, technicians simply press one button, and the system runs the safety relief valve test in a matter of minutes. Best of all, since the technology within these portable relief valve testing systems is so advanced, the test results are accurate and repeatable — delivering your technicians the correct data, every time. When your technicians don’t have to retest valves due to air bubbles in hydraulic hoses or simple human errors, they can move on with their testing procedure much more efficiently, testing more valves in significantly less time.

One Technician Required for Testing

Portable relief valve testing systems can offer significant improvements in efficiency by reducing the number of technicians you need to handle the equipment in general. These systems are so compact and advanced that you no longer need two technicians hauling components around. When safety requirements allow, you can send out just one technician to a job that used to require two. That means your other technician can be out working another job, increasing your billable hours, and effectively doubling the number of tests your company is able to complete in the same window of time.

Inline, portable relief valve testing systems can save your company a lot in time and money. If you’re interested in learning more, check out AccuTEST’s top-of-the-line in situ portable relief valve testing system. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have, or walk you through the system’s capabilities with a live webinar demo.

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