What Does Fully Automated In-Line Safety Valve Testing Mean?

Fully automated in-line safety valve testing systems are the way of the future when it comes to safety valve testing. While most facilities still require periodic removal and testing of safety pressure valves, you can keep your facility safe by testing safety release valves in the interim with an automated, in-line system. Here’s what an automated, in-line safety valve testing system is, and how it can provide improved results for your facility:

Military-Grade Accuracy

Automated in-line safety valve testing systems offer military-grade accuracy. This is because automated systems use high precision sensors and are capable of measuring set pressure within 0.5% accuracy.

Additionally, automated systems for testing safety valves can automatically detect sensors, fault check them, and zero them before operation, ensuring a consistent and accurate result.

No Human Error and Variability

People make mistakes. This can be a comforting cliche when we are the ones making mistakes, but it can also be a difficult reality when you rely on people to do jobs and get things done. When it comes to safety valve testing, there are many opportunities for human error when you rely on traditional testing methods. Fully automated in-line testing removes the human element and the possibility for operator error.

It also eliminates variation in testing results that can occur from technician to technician. Everyone has their own way of doing things. That might be all well and good when it comes to how you tie your shoes, but when you want consistent, meaningful results, you need to test and measure the exact same way, every time. An automated system ensures that happens.

Complete Data Management System

Automated safety valve testing systems do more than just eliminate error and give accurate results, they also help you manage and store testing data. Advanced software makes it simple to set up and perform safety valve tests, as well as store results and run reports. You can access test files immediately, from your computer, when you need them.

Software Upgrades and Remote Support

A fully automated testing system means integrated internet access. This allows for simple and easy software updates, as well as remote support when and if something isn’t functioning perfectly. That means minimal wait time and a faster resolution to whatever problem you’re experiencing, rather than sending your system in and waiting a month or more to hear what’s wrong.

AccuTEST offers the most advanced, automated in-line safety valve testing equipment on the market. Get in touch with our team for more information.


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