3 Benefits of In-Line Safety Valve Testing

In-line safety valve testing is a growing trend in manufacturing and one that many valve testing professionals are starting to invest in. Instead of removing valves from the line to perform bench testing, in-line testing allows your technicians to test safety valves right in the manufacturer’s facility, without taking them off the line. If you’ve heard about it, but aren’t sure yet why you should adopt in-line safety valve testing equipment, here are a few key benefits you should know:

Reduces Client Downtime

Our in-line testing solutions reduce downtime because valves don’t have to be removed from the line to be tested, which means no downtime for removing the valves or waiting for the valves to be replaced while they’re sent off-site for testing. Less downtime results in increases in profitability since your client can’t be making money if the plant isn’t up and running. This makes your test and repair shop much more attractive to them since they can get the testing they need completed without halting production.

Reduces Operational Costs For Your Shop

For your client, the cost of in-line safety valve testing is less expensive than other forms of safety testing when you consider the previous point, reduced downtime. It’s simple: if a line isn’t up and running, production and processing are halted and your client isn’t making money.

More than that, though, in-line testing reduces operational costs for your test and repair shop. You don’t need to spend as much on technicians driving back and forth to jobs, removing and reinstalling valves or verifying nothing has changed during transportation of the valve back to the facility. When your technicians can fit all of the equipment they need into their backseat, your operational costs are seriously reduced, and you’re still providing a better, more efficient service to your client.

Increases Techs’ Billable Hours

Machine downtime isn’t just bad for your clients. It’s also time when your technicians can’t be working at another job. When they have to physically remove safety valves, drive them back to your shop, and then go out again to another facility, you’re missing out on billable hours. In-line testing shortens the time it takes for your techs to test one facility, meaning they can book more jobs, and bill more hours in any given day.

In-line testing of safety valves is a cost-effective, convenient alternative to bench testing. If you’re interested in high-tech testing equipment that produces immediate results, saves you money, and increases your technician’s available billing hours, AccuTEST Systems can help.


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