Training Valve Techs: How Proper Training Boosts Efficiency & Productivity

Most companies know that professional development is one of the essential ways to improve employee retention. Valve technician training is no different. Not only does it help your technicians grow in their roles, but it also helps to keep your valve repair shop profitable. 

But, with all the training options available, it can be difficult to determine how often your techs need that training, and what the true value of your investment will be. 

Let’s take a look at how proper training for valve technicians can boost efficiency and productivity. We’ll also offer a few ideas to help ensure your technicians have access to all the professional development tools they need. 

How Proper Training Boosts Valve Technicians’ Efficiency & Productivity

When your technicians have the training they need on the systems and procedures they use daily, they can deliver superior service. Proper training means your technicians are confident in their work and can complete their jobs faster. What’s more, when they have all of the most up-to-date training and information, technicians are also able to complete their work as effectively as possible. This is a service premium that directly contributes to your valve repair shop’s bottom line. When technicians complete jobs better and faster, you’re heads and tails ahead of your competition. 

Well-trained valve techs also add to your bottom line when it comes to service offerings. When your technicians have training on a wide range of equipment and manufacturers, you’re able to service more customers and complete more jobs, more profitably.

What Kind of Training do Valve Technicians Need?

Well-trained technicians are a profitable asset to any valve test and repair company. But how do you know what kind of training is best for your technicians? Here are three key places to start:

01. New Equipment Training

New equipment training helps your technicians expand their abilities. Any time your shop invests in a new valve testing system or new equipment, make sure your technicians have the thorough training they need to confidently take it out into the field. The newer and more advanced your equipment, the more attractive your services are to potential clients — but only if your technicians know how to use it. 

02. Manufacturer-Specific Training

The more manufacturers your technicians are comfortable with, the more customers you can serve. Many valve manufacturers require certain certifications for technicians completing testing, maintenance, and repairs, which means that without a range of manufacturer-specific training, your shop could be losing out on jobs. 

03. Ongoing Training & Refresher Courses

New equipment and manufacturer-specific training might be the most common training options for valve technicians, but this is one more category you shouldn’t forget. Ongoing training and refresher courses help keep your valve technicians up-to-date with all of the technical work they do. 

When they’re managing multiple testing systems and testing valves from a range of manufacturers, it’s human to fall into certain patterns of work. Ongoing training and refresher courses help ensure that your technicians are always following best practices in their daily procedures. This means equipment is always handled properly which extends the life of your systems. It also means that your technicians know exactly how to provide the best possible service, at all times. 

Consider Remote Training and Online Courses to Make Training Accessible

One of the greatest barriers to continuous training, and especially for refresher training on the tools your technicians already use, is accessibility. Many manufacturers only hold in-person training classes, some of which take more than just one workday to complete. 

If your technicians are looking for professional development, but you’re struggling to find training that fits their location and schedule, online courses and remote training provide a helpful alternative. 

While it’s not offered by every manufacturer or equipment supplier, remote and online training can provide the true one-to-one and properly paced training that technicians need to get the most out of a course. 

AccuTEST is proud to offer a range of training options to ensure that your valve technicians always have the skills they need to complete their work with confidence. We offer remote training options that make our experts and engineers accessible to answer any of your valve technicians’ questions and provide them with the knowledge they need to maximize their knowledge and efficiency with your AccuTEST system. 

If you’re looking for ways to support your valve technicians with the latest equipment and training, get in touch with the AccuTEST Systems team. 

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