Choosing a Quality In-line Safety Relief Valve Testing System

If you’re considering purchasing a new testing system to replace an old or outdated system, you may be at a loss for what you should be considering and what features you need. Here are the important characteristics you should look for when choosing a new, quality in-line safety relief valve testing system.

Quality Service and Support

A quality testing system is only as good as its support and service plan. If you have to send your equipment in every time something goes wrong, and then wait a month until you get it back, your testing equipment isn’t doing you much good. Look for an inline safety relief valve testing system that offers a service plan that’s convenient for you.

For example, the AccuTEST system comes with a full year of renewable support. When enrolled in our service plan, if any of your technicians run into a problem with the system or a result report they’re not sure how to interpret, they can connect to the internet and our technicians can provide support in real-time, no matter where they are. This reliable, fast, and convenient service helps ensure your equipment always delivers the results you need, even when you run into potential issues with your in-line safety relief valve testing system.


This should go without saying, but if you’re bringing a testing system along with you to test valves, rather than bringing the valves to you, the system should be light enough to carry, easy to carry, and self-contained. Otherwise, it would be easier to just bench test the valves in your facility.


Along with portability, when you’re carrying a testing system with you to various locations, it needs to be durable. Not only will your equipment and electronics get knocked around, but they’ll also be subjected to a variety of different facility and plant conditions, and will need to be able to withstand those varying conditions.

Choose an in-line safety relief valve system that comes complete with a durable case, an industrial computer, and advanced safety features, like foam-fitted pockets and a solid travel case. This ensures that no matter where your technicians carry or ship your system, it’s well protected and can perform the tests you need, with reliable, accurate results.

Accurate Results

This is probably the most important of these characteristics. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice accuracy for the convenience and portability of a new in-line safety relief valve testing system. In fact, any new safety relief valve testing system you purchase should improve the accuracy of your valve test results. Ensure that you select a system that can measure set pressure with at least 0.5% accuracy.

AccuTEST has developed a top-of-the-line, portable safety relief valve testing system to meet your company’s unique needs. With built-in internet for remote support and easy software upgrades, our system is cost-effective and user-friendly.

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