What Equipment Do I Need to Test Pressure Relief Valves?

Pressure relief valve testing is critical to ensure the proper operation of these valves and the proper functioning of the systems they relieve. Here’s the equipment you need to test pressure relief valves, whether you do a bench test or an in-line test.

Bench Test

For a bench test of a pressure relief valve, you’ll need a test chamber, a mount, and air control.

The test chamber is necessary to hold air pressure and could be a pipe nipple with a sealed end, a small air receiver tank, or even a blanked plate welded to a manhole ring. The volume of the test chamber should be small to reduce the total energy in the compressed air and for quick testing. It also must be able to withstand at least 150 percent of the highest pressure being tested without cracking or deforming.

The mount is used to attach the valve to the test chamber so that it can withstand the pressure and forces being exerted during the test. It needs to hold the valve at the same altitude as when the valve is installed in its operating position, and it needs to form a pressure-tight seal. This is usually accomplished with a rubber gasket.

Air control valves, pop-safety valves, exhaust valves, and pressure gauges are necessary to protect the testing operator and to control the inlet of compressed air into the test chamber, which must not exceed the pressure the chamber is designed to withstand. All fittings should be as small as possible and be pressure rated for the same amount as the test chamber, at least.

In-line Test

For in-line pressure relief valve testing, you’ll need

  • Load rig—including drive motor to apply the necessary load, assembly rig/bracket to attach to the valve being tested, and a load cell
  • Line Pressure — value can either be entered in manually with information from the control room, or you may use a pressure transducer where applicable
  • Electronics case—to hold electronics and power system through batteries or another power source
  • Acoustics sensor—to respond to the noise generated by steam flowing through the pressure relief valve
  • Industrial laptop — to automate the test and display results
  • Extra load cell
  • Spindle adaptors

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