How Inline Valve Testing Equipment Can Save Your Plant Money!

Like any manufacturing or industrial facility, you’re looking to reduce costs and increase profitability. Bench testing safety valves is a big expense for any facility, and while it’s required a few times a year to meet safety standards, it’s not the most cost-effective solution for regular in-house testing for your own facility’s benefit. 

Inline valve testing equipment offers a more efficient, cost-effective solution for facilities and manufacturing plants that need real-time data on the performance of their safety valves. Here are just a few of the ways that investing in inline valve testing equipment can save your plant money:


Test Valves In-System


While bench testing of safety relief valves is required of any facility, it isn’t always the most accurate method of testing when you’re evaluating your pressure system’s performance. Bench tests require that safety valves be removed and transported to a lab, where they are tested. Often, just removing and transporting the safety valves can affect how they perform in the bench test, which means you’re not getting accurate results about how those safety valves were performing in your facility. 

That’s where inline valve testing equipment comes in. When you test pressure relief valves with inline equipment, you’re testing the valve in your system, producing accurate, real-time results that will ultimately benefit your company. You’re able to see exactly how safety valves are performing in your system, which gives you necessary insight into system performance. When you can accurately assess how valves are working in your system, in real-time, you can make better repairs and adjustments based on those results, rather than based on the results of a test done off-site, which doesn’t provide the context needed for accurate results. 


Eliminates Concerns Associated with Removing Safety Valves


Removing safety valves for testing is required of most facilities on a regular basis. But, that testing doesn’t give you the information you need in real-time, especially if you’re experiencing problems with your system. Instead of having to remove safety valves from the system, inline safety valve testing gets you the data you need, without the hassle or concern. With inline valve testing, you:

  • Don’t need to remove valves from the system
  • Eliminate the need to place plant off-line 
  • Minimize erosion in the valve seat
  • Eliminate potential damage to the valve 

Overall, inline safety valve testing saves energy and reduces delays. You don’t have to worry about damaging your valves, your system, or slowing down production, but you still get the real-time, accurate and repeatable results you need to understand how your system and your safety relief valves are functioning. This helps your facility function more profitably overall. You can optimize your system based on real-time test results from inline testing, and you don’t lose revenue by damaging valves or shutting down production.


Minimizes Number of Operators You Need to Perform Testing And Time Associated with Safety Valve Testing


While bench testing is necessary a few times a year, it’s not practical for all scheduled testing. First, it takes a considerable amount of time. You have to shut your system down, remove all safety valves, have them tested, and then place them back in the system. Not only does that take significant time and halt production, but it often takes a number of operators to complete in a timely fashion, increasing your facility’s costs. 

New, advanced inline safety valve testing, however, can be completed by just one technician without the associated downtime of bench testing. This also helps reduce the labor costs associated with testing all of your facility’s safety relief valves. AccuTEST’s inline safety valve testing equipment, for example, was designed to be completely operated by just one technician. Its light titanium load rig ensures the system is easy to carry and mount, and our advanced one-touch testing software enables your technician to run the test automatically and accurately with just the press of the button. 

If you’re considering investing in inline safety valve testing for your plant, AccuTEST can help. We offer one of the most technologically advanced inline testing systems on the market that’s designed for efficiency and accurate, repeatable results that help save your plant money.  Get in touch with our team for more information about the AccuTEST System.


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