How Advanced Valve Testing Equipment Helps You Close Sales

Valve testing and repair is a competitive industry. The less downtime you can offer and the more accurate results you can provide, the more competitive your company will be. Here’s how advanced valve testing equipment helps you close those deals.

Less Downtime

Technology like in-line testing makes safety valve testing more convenient for you and more convenient for your clients. In-line testing means that valves don’t have to be disassembled from their operational position, transported to the testing location, tested, transported back to the client’s facility, and re-installed. That saves your client a lot of downtime, which they will value immensely. Less downtime for your clients can give you a major edge on your competition.

Another way in-line testing reduces downtime for your clients is that it eliminates the possibility of damage to the valves in transit to and from testing. Valves can be expensive and time-consuming to replace and repair, so testing equipment that reduces that liability will be a huge selling point for your company.

More Accurate Results

Advanced valve testing equipment, like automated, in-line valve testing systems help you provide more accurate test results in two important ways. First, they reduce human error and variability. Automated systems are never going to put the decimal in the wrong place, but a human technician might.

Automated systems can also provide more accurate results because of their high-precision sensors. For example, AccuTEST’s in-line safety valve testing system features precise, high-quality sensors, and it detects, fault checks, and zeros the sensors automatically before testing. Additionally, it can calculate set pressure with 0.5% accuracy. Consistent and accurate results are what your potential clients want, and if you can provide them, you’re that much closer to making a sale.

Advanced Software and Data Management

Systems that incorporate advanced valve testing software and internet access can be a huge selling point for your ideal clients. Why? Because that technology can expedite the testing process, reducing client downtime even more, and it can send test files to a computer, immediately, making that data accessible instantly for analysis and reporting. When test files are already on your computer, you can send them to your customers easily, and in considerably less time, ensuring you’re providing the greatest value.

If your company is considering investing in more advanced valve testing equipment, talk to the experts at AccuTEST. Our inline valve testing equipment offers your clients minimal downtime and the most accurate results on the market.


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