3 Ways to Improve Valve Technician Efficiency

For any valve test and repair company, the quality of your service is only as good as your technicians. If you have efficient valve technicians with subject matter expertise and quality measurement tools, your company can complete more jobs in less time — all to the level of service your clients expect. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to make your company more profitable, it makes sense that you’d start by looking at valve technician efficiency. Here are three ways to improve valve technician efficiency to support a more profitable valve test and repair service:

01. Improved Training

With better training, your technicians can perform better. In general, technicians who are trained and confident in what they’re doing on a daily basis:

  • Move faster
  • Troubleshoot problems more efficiently
  • And are more productive and effective in their jobs overall

Proper training means fewer operator errors, which means your technicians can get their testing done right the first time. This leads to less repeat testing and faster testing overall. 

Where to Start with Valve Technician Training

If you know you want to invest in improved training for valve techs, but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas. 

  1. Consider regular training on new technologies. It’s common for companies to provide training when a new technology is introduced, but what about ongoing or refresher training? For most, it takes more than one training session to truly grasp how best to use a new product or technology. Additional and consistent refresher courses can help ensure all of your valve technicians are using newer tech the right way. 
  2. Invest in remote training. Remote training gets valve technicians the training they need but on their schedules. Technicians are empowered to choose the times and training that best fit their current needs. What’s more, remote support from a system provider can deliver the on-demand troubleshooting that technicians need when they have questions on the job and even at the job site. 

02. Better Tools

With the right tools, valve technicians can move much faster. Improved tools and technology perform better and can be much easier to use. Innovative technologies are also attractive to both new and existing clients and can pull in better business for valve test and repair companies. 

For example: The AccuTEST System makes inline pressure relief valve testing not only possible, but almost easy to complete. 

  • Lighter. This means technicians have less of a burden to carry from valve to valve. The AccuTEST System can even be carried by just one person, which could help reduce the number of technicians you need on-site at a given job. 
  • Faster. The AccuTEST system is also much faster to get a read than competing systems, which means your valve technicians have the data they need in less time. They can analyze the results, and move on quickly. 
  • More accurate, efficient testing. And finally, because the AccuTEST system tests valves inline, instead of having to fully remove the valve for testing, it reduces a number of steps in the right situations. Your technicians can test valves on the spot, deliver their expert analysis, and make the necessary adjustments all in one trip. That means much more efficient service calls, and an improved experience for your customers, as well. 

03. Intuitive Maintenance

At the end of the day, your technicians can only be as good as the accuracy of their tools. Even if your business invests in the best tools, those tools need proper maintenance to continue performing effectively. 

Without a maintenance schedule, you risk equipment breaking unexpectedly, your technicians having to do in-field repairs, or worse — inaccurate results. 

A proper preventative maintenance schedule for valve testing equipment should include:

A quality systems provider will offer annual upkeep, as well as as-needed maintenance support. That said, it’s also important to ensure that your valve technicians are taking care of their equipment. Cleaning and safely storing equipment is a simple way to extend the life of any system.

With the right tools, training, support, and well-maintained equipment, your technicians can become as efficient as possible in the field. Not only will they feel more confident in their abilities and the tools they use, but they’ll be able to bill more clients in less time. 

If you’re looking for the very best equipment to support your valve technicians, choose AccuTEST Systems. Our inline safety relief valve testing system makes it easy for technicians to test valves on-site, while our exceptional customer support ensures valve technicians always have the tools and training they need to succeed. We offer annual maintenance, including system inspection and sensor calibration, general maintenance, and on-demand remote training, so your technicians are always getting the support they need, even when they’re in the field. 

If you’re looking for the very best equipment to support your valve technicians, choose AccuTEST Systems. 

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